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Kite Knife 8" Yellow Plastic

Kite Knife 8

This is a great kite knife made from yellow toughened plastic it has a single internal blade. And comes with a carry case with a loop hole for connecting to harnesses or belt straps.
Comes in black or the prefered yellow.

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19.00 IKO/BKSA Discovery Kiteboarder Program 1 Day Only - £130 Email Us for more info! IKO/BKSA Discovery Kiteboarder Program 1 Day Only - 130 Email Us for more info!

Please email us for dates and availability of the lessons!

Course Description
*Carry and set up the lines and kite
*Determine the wind direction and upwind and downwind (windward, leeward).
*Pilot a small kite (inflatable, stunt kite, foil…) on the wind window edge and maintain it close to the ground.
*Know how to stop the kite power in case of problem by releasing the bar. Be aware that the kite leash must be worn at all times, before kite launching and until landing.

*Be aware of the area where the kite can fall down wind to the pilot.
*Recover the kite on land.
*Position the kite on request from 9 to 3 o’clock on the wind window edge.
*Launch a kite with an assistant and choose the right angle to the wind.
*Pilot the kite in the power area without crashing it.
*Twist and untwist the lines while the kite flies.
*Recover a kite and secure it on land.
*Land a kite with the help of an assistant.

*Pilot a kite hooked to the harness.
*Pilot hooked to the harness with one hand.
*Activate the harness release system or quick release located on a leader line.

*Perform a downwind course by body dragging and using the power of the kite.

*Relaunch a kite from the water.
*Wind the lines in the water and recover the kite.
*Perform a self-rescue in deep water.
*Launch a kite alone on land.
*Identify potential wind obstacles creating lift or down draft and be able to define the wind direction. Understand that practice with onshore wind is dangerous.

With KiteboardingUK one day course you will also get the chance to kiteboard for the first time, Using a directional or twin tip you will take your first water starts and hopefully your first ride. At the end of the course you will be a Kiteboarder level 1

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Nobile Breeze Kitesurf Kite 2013

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Breeze Overview

The name says it all – this kite will allow you to go on the water when experiencing the lightest of wind conditions. Flattened canopy's central part, light wind specific profile, and lightweight construction provides huge lift, massive depower and unparalleled upwind performance. The Breeze offers quick turning, steady bar feel, great depower and it's incredibly easy to relaunch. Thickens of the Breeze leading edge was designed to keep the steady shape of the kite, while minimising the drag. Large surface kite wing tips improve the kite's agility and secure accurate bar pressure.


5 strut kite optimised for low wind performance
Steady and predictable power
Huge depower and great upwind
Quick & easy relaunch
Stable and maneuverable
Lightweight construction
“Catch-free” valves location
Reinforced, double Dacron bridle attachment points
Fully featured kite bag

SIZES: 16 m2

Kiss Control System
Nobile Breeze Kitesurf Kite 16m Nobile Breeze Kitesurf Kite 16m
Available in Feb 2013 - prices added shortly..........


Nobile Kiss Control System Nobile Kiss Control System
KISS is the new kite control system designed by Nobilekiteboarding. Developed from the Human Concept idea, KISS is designed to bring performance, safety and comfort to harmonize the rider and the kite and provide control in all conditions. KISS is the versatile system designed for all riding skills and styles.
KISS bar offers directional color coded graphics, double finger bumpers, double width connection possibility on the bar ends and color coded laminar rubber protections in the inside of the barends.
The polished full piece alloy central core stays for strengh and for depower line durabilty:
It features no sharp edges so the rope is safe and won't damage or scratch.
Big hole for the safety line (F = 9mm) in the middle axis of C-loop secures smooth and trouble-free action of the safety line even if the sand gets inside.
KISS System offers the most advanced quick release system on the market – fast, safe and easy to use

Price: 299.00 (Including VAT at 20%)


Online Catalogue | Kiteboarding/Kitesurfing | Kiteboarding Kites (Water/LEI) | Nobile Water Kiteboard Kites LEI Bow Classic | Nobile Water Kiteboard Kitesurf Kites 2013 |  Nobile Breeze Kitesurf Kite 2013