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Kite Knife 8" Yellow Plastic

Kite Knife 8

This is a great kite knife made from yellow toughened plastic it has a single internal blade. And comes with a carry case with a loop hole for connecting to harnesses or belt straps.
Comes in black or the prefered yellow.

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19.00 IKO/BKSA Discovery Kiteboarder Program 1 Day Only - £130 Email Us for more info! IKO/BKSA Discovery Kiteboarder Program 1 Day Only - 130 Email Us for more info!

Please email us for dates and availability of the lessons!

Course Description
*Carry and set up the lines and kite
*Determine the wind direction and upwind and downwind (windward, leeward).
*Pilot a small kite (inflatable, stunt kite, foil…) on the wind window edge and maintain it close to the ground.
*Know how to stop the kite power in case of problem by releasing the bar. Be aware that the kite leash must be worn at all times, before kite launching and until landing.

*Be aware of the area where the kite can fall down wind to the pilot.
*Recover the kite on land.
*Position the kite on request from 9 to 3 o’clock on the wind window edge.
*Launch a kite with an assistant and choose the right angle to the wind.
*Pilot the kite in the power area without crashing it.
*Twist and untwist the lines while the kite flies.
*Recover a kite and secure it on land.
*Land a kite with the help of an assistant.

*Pilot a kite hooked to the harness.
*Pilot hooked to the harness with one hand.
*Activate the harness release system or quick release located on a leader line.

*Perform a downwind course by body dragging and using the power of the kite.

*Relaunch a kite from the water.
*Wind the lines in the water and recover the kite.
*Perform a self-rescue in deep water.
*Launch a kite alone on land.
*Identify potential wind obstacles creating lift or down draft and be able to define the wind direction. Understand that practice with onshore wind is dangerous.

With KiteboardingUK one day course you will also get the chance to kiteboard for the first time, Using a directional or twin tip you will take your first water starts and hopefully your first ride. At the end of the course you will be a Kiteboarder level 1

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Nobile Wood Skim Kitesurfing Board 2011

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Nobile Wooden Skim Kitesurf Board 2011

The Nobile Wood Skim has more wave ability thanks to new Pre-Stress technology that makes the board lively and more reactive. Complete with skate style grip for better feet grip.

Kite Skimboarding is no longer a trend; it's part of our sport. On any given spot - on a light wind day you can probably find one or two dedicated kite skim boarders.

For 2011 Nobile has maintained the winning shape that made Kite skim boarding accessible for everyone.

The Nobile kite specific skim board is designed to be an inexpensive addition to your board bag that adds to your time on the water by working on the days when you wouldn't normally be able to ride.

The Nobile Wood Skim is also loaded with Nobile Pre-Stress technology. During the production process, Nobile "freeze and store" the energy in the board construction. This energy is then for your disposal just when you need it. It benefits with more pop, fast reaction, better grip, manoeuvrabiliy and anything you want to use it for. This technology also allows Nobile to make the Wood Skim lighter than ever.

With it's parallel sided outline and optional fins on the Wood Skim board enabling better tracking and more stable riding whilst still maintaining a free and loose feel.

Ride with or without fins depending on your preference. With - providing positive tracking, better upwind ability and easier riding, without - for a skatier feel and the ability to ride in incredibly shallow water.

Conventionally, skim boards offer incredible light wind performance but can be a handful if the water is choppy or the wind increases.

Nobile Wood Skim Kitesurfing Board 2011Nobile Wood Skim Kitesurfing Board 2011

Price: 239.00 (Including VAT at 20%)


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